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Want an instant online towing estimate?

Do you need a Tow to help you out of trouble? Springfields Garage Ballan can help you 24/7 by picking up your vehicle and towing it to where you need it.

By using our Instant Estimate you will get a price that is very close to what your actual price will be after you have called us to confirm.

This is an estimate only and is based on the road distance calculated between three points.

  1. FROM – Our location at Springfields Garage
  2. TO – Your final destination where we will drop your vehicle off
  3. INTERMEDIATE POINT – Where your vehicle is located for pick up

We have a minimum booking fee which is included in the estimate and is the same price no matter day or night. Additional surcharges above your Instant Estimate will apply for trailers, caravans, over size, and over weight vehicles.

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FROM: This is our starting point at Springfields Garage Ballan
TO: This is your drop off point where the vehicle will be left
INTERMEDIATE POINT: This is your pick up location
Enter your locations as “Street Town State” for best results
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Happy with your Instant Estimate?

We are available 24/7 as we partner with
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to give peace of mind when you need a tow.

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